About Us

Bentley Global has developed its own trading algorithm (“Algol88”), based upon artificial intelligence (“AI”) which constantly refines and innovates the underlying assumptions and strategy. The trading system continuously evolves, and the self-learning algorithm develops with each trade. The system has been back-tested on 5 years of historical data and has been privately traded for 2 years successfully. 

The Company operates an uncorrelated investment strategy, independent of prevailing economic conditions; in our opinion it is recession-proof and offers returns independent of any other mainstream investment product.


The management team we have in place is comprised not just of experienced financial services professionals, traders, data analysts, eminent mathematicians and statisticians, but also former professional football players, managers, and sports media personalities, who have all played, managed or broadcast at the very highest levels and have experienced the huge growth in this sector. The team remains deeply embedded in the sport, meaning they are able to provide unique insight and first-hand knowledge of the key factors that influence the outcome of football games and assist our trading teams with their decisions.


The information, provided by the algorithm, allows the Bentley Global team to place trades at the best prices available. Taking advantage of the performance of football teams globally.