Bentley Global has engaged into a strategic partnership with Onsport Limited ( see www.onsport.io), a global leader in acquisition and retention solutions between sports audiences and sportsbooks ie betting companies. Onsport is based in the UK with a development arm in Kiev, Ukraine, and having become the largest provider of fantasy sports games in Europe they have applied that knowledge and expertise to new media partners elsewhere in the world and to the gaming industry.

Jointly we are developing a suite of gaming solutions under our “In-Pele” trademark, the first of which is called “Pass&Move”.
Pass&Move, which can be played across mobile, tablet and desktop, can be adapted for all major live sports and has been designed as an acquisition and retention tool for key bookmaker partners to whom we would charge a licence fee. The games focus on second and third screen entertainment around a live, televised fixture, and whilst the major bookmakers have traditionally used simple prediction games to try and attract and retain players, this is the first solution aimed at the huge in-play betting market.

Pass&Move is best likened to “Pass the Parcel”
The game is played by 4/6/8 players and the ‘Parcel’ moves round the table each time a key event in a sports fixture occurs, i.e. Corner Kick, Throw in etc.
The simple concept could apply to any number of players, many different sports and multiple events.
Due consideration has been given to the commercial strategy and at this stage we envisage our bookmaker partners paying a licence fee to add the game to their mobile, tablet and online solutions.

Whilst the intention of this narrative is not to define the full functionality of the product, the game includes the following features/functionalities:

  • Player can join a game on a public table
  • Player can create a game on a private table
  • Player can buy in for different amounts
  • User can see the money in the pot and the rake
  • User can see his table and get the sense that they are playing vs others
  • The ‘parcel’ will move round the table as an event occurs
  • The game ends at a defined event – i.e. Goal / Half Time/Full time
  • User can see the money awarded to winner
  • Player can play on different sports